Sanitized® Actifresh

Built-in antimicrobial mattress foam that able to reduce microbial in 99%!

Therapeutic Texture Latex

Assures optimal orthopedic support in any sleep position with cooling comfort.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable production with eco-friendly materials and resources.

What does it cover?

We provide 10 Years Warranty with exclusive terms & conditions.

Who can I contact?

Send us your enquiries and we would get back to you by soonest possible.



“Everyone deserves a fair chance” is the spirit of living in Australia according to our founder, Mr Gavin Smith. It is also our brand promise where we strongly believe, everyone should be able to experience luxurious comfort sleep after a long exhausting day at work.

This experience should also be sustained with innovative sleeping technologies and durable quality for your holistic health support.

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